A Dutch doctor appeared in court after euthanizing a patient with severe dementia.

The prosecution says the doctor did not do enough to check the approval. This is the first such case since the Netherlands legalized euthanasia in 2002.

The 74-year-old female patient suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in 2016 when she died. The doctor allegedly sedated the woman and asked her family to hold her as she administered a lethal drug.

Prosecutors say the patient has resisted during the trial. The unnamed doctor says she acted cautiously.

The prosecutors declare that they do not want to seek a prison sentence for the retired doctor, but want to clarify how the law on the treatment of the elderly for dementia patients applies.

Family members of the patient have assisted the doctor. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia, but it is only permissible under strict legal regulations.

After diagnosing Alzheimer’s four years before her death, the patient wrote in a statement that she wanted to be euthanized before entering a nursing home, the prosecution said.

At the center of the case is the question of whether the woman, despite her previous statement, can agree to end her life.

However, the daughter of the deceased woman thanked the doctor. A verdict is expected in two weeks.