A volcano erupted on the Italian island of Stromboli, killing one person and sending scared tourists to flight. The victim is a male wanderer who was hit by a rockfall while others were injured. The navy was deployed for a possible mass evacuation, with 70 people evacuated.

The volcano is one of the most active on the planet and has erupted regularly since 1932. „Unfortunately, one man is dead, there are some injured, but none seriously,“ said the emergency doctor Calogero Foti the Italian television Rai.

The victim was a 35-year-old man from Sicily who wandered when the volcano erupted twice. His Brazilian friend was dehydrated and shocked, news agency AGI reported.

Firefighters fight the flames on the island. „We saw the explosion from the hotel and there was a loud roar,“ said Michela Favorito, who works in a hotel on the island. „We clogged our ears, and then an ash cloud swept over us, the whole sky is full of ashes, a pretty big cloud,“ she said.

Fiona Carter, a British tourist on the island of Panarea, about 27 km from Stromboli, heard the outbreak. „We turned around and saw a mushroom cloud from Stromboli, everyone was shocked, then glowing lava ran down the hill towards the small village of Ginostra,“ she said.

Vacationers are said to have run into the sea after seeing ashes rising from the volcano. The island is a popular place for holiday homes of the rich and famous. Stromboli is known as the „Lighthouse of the Mediterranean“ and has about 500 inhabitants. The last major outbreak occurred in 2002, when an explosion destroyed local buildings and pillars and injured six.