Beyond Walls

A giant artwork with hands crossed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is solemnly unveiled on Saturday. The spray-painted fresco stretches over more than 600 meters along the Champ de Mars park of the French capital and is best seen from the top of the tower.

It is the work of French artist Saype – real name Guillaume Legros – who specializes in large biodegradable paintings. His works have appeared on mountain slopes and in parks around the world and take a few days to disappear in the ground.

His latest work, Beyond Walls, shows a series of hands crossed and pays homage to the charity, SOS Méditerranée, which works to rescue migrants threatened with drowning in the Mediterranean.

According to the United Nations, an average of six migrants died across the Mediterranean every day last year. [It’s] a symbol of togetherness at a time when people are increasingly taking on themselves, „Saype told the newspaper The Guardian, which was inaugurated on Saturday in the presence of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

It marks the beginning of a three-year project in which Saype will exhibit its work in 20 major cities around the world. In London, Berlin, Nairobi and Buenos Aires similar images of hands and arms are shown clinging to each other.